ASMR Frantic Doctor gives you Chaotic Medical Exam from Hand Bag 💼 FAST

Miss Manganese ASMR
Published 4 months ago

Chaotic Doctor gives you chaotic personal attention using items from her handbag 👜

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0:00 X-RAY 🕶
0:46 Lice Check and shampoo
2:03 Eye Exam with Light 💡 ( potato masher )
2:57 Mouth Exam 👄 say ahhhh
3:20 blue Lense
3:44 giving you a filling + wood sounds
4:36 toy car sensory test
5:45 writing and pen visuals 🖊
6:20 poster study
6:45 eye and attention tests
8:13 measuring heart ❤️ breathing
8:49 handbag rummaging 👜
9:00 clipping you back together again 📎
9:29 spit paint 🎨 and stickers
10:00 interview
10:19 final gentle face inspection


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