ASMR - Ranting/Rambling About Sephora's New Witch Kit

Addie Henson - ASMR Witch
Published 5 years ago

I am soooo late about this topic! I woke up thinking about it one morning so I figured I should discuss. For the most part I cover the "drama" that's been going on, sketch the product, and then I get into some of my thoughts/issues. Since the community kind of covered the outrage, I focused more on how the community disappointed me in turning on each other. I misspoke a few times but I meant that I was frustrated by the gatekeeping. Witchcraft is, and should be, accessible! So anyway, that's my little rant/ramble. :)
P.S. I'm about to leave on a trip so I'm not really back yet but still hoping to rally for 31 videos of October!

Soft talking
Rambling / ranting
Hand motions while talking
Paper sounds
A few mouth/tongue sounds when thinking

I'm an amateur, learning witch! Any advice/spells/etc. are taken at your own risk, I am not responsible in any way. I am not responsible for any links provided.


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