This ASMR Will Get You HIGH! The Psychedelic Snippet | Ear To Ear Whispers

Olivia Kissper
Published 4 years ago

This Psychedelic Experiment Role Play explores what is possible to create using ASMR.
Watch the whole story here:
Upon your request, I'm also uploading this snippet - for those who always fall asleep too early.
This video is not your regular sleep aid; It Is a fusion between art and transpersonal psychology. Between comedy and epic drama. In the journey itself, you will hear a conversation between your higher self and your inner child looking for integration. Together they are exploring the inner emotional landscapes you inhabit, and can be explored using your imagination.
Hope you enjoy this transformational art, and with your support and feedback we can see how far will ASMR go in its spectrum for healing and art.

As always, you can expect many ASMR triggers including soft speaking and ear whispering, layered whispers, tapping and more, with some beautiful music and sound effects.

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