ASMR Ear Eating - Visual Tingles - Tascam

Published 2 years ago

This time around I wanted to give visual tingles a go! I managed to do collar bone tapping, hair touching and clothes rubbing but it looks like I'm stroking my...ANYWAY. I probably won't go for visual asmr again unless it's layered sound because it was hard to focus.

Q: Why are you constantly moving around?
A: My camera can't go any higher so I was doing wall squats for this entire video, yes my legs hurt very much right now...♥

Help me to make fulltime ASMR:

Time Stamps:
No time stamps cause it's just mouth sounds all the way~ The visual asmr is only for the first half of the video!

In this video you will find; asmr, asmr tascam, asmr mouth sounds, asmr licking, asmr ear eating, asmr visual, asmr collar bone, asmr rubbing, asmr hair, asmr hair touching.

If you read this, comment "gosh i wish i were that tascam" (´∀`)


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