ASMR | How to Get Your Tingles Back! | Soothing Sound Assortment for Sleep

Bright Grey ASMR
Published 2 years ago

A grab bag of ASMR triggers for your tingles, as suggested by my supporters on Patreon. This video includes mic brushing, tapping on wood, plastic, metal and books, jewellery sounds, scratching, unintelligible whispering, close-up ear to ear whispering, page flipping, spine cracking (of the book variety, I’m no chiropractor), tweezer sounds, hand sounds and tongue clicking. Phew! I hope the sheer variety of sounds brings you tingles if you’ve lost them, and a peaceful night’s sleep. Take care!


00:00 - 1:34 Trigger previews

1:34 - 4:39 Whispered Introduction and Patreon thank-you with Hand Sounds

4:40 - 9:03 Book Tapping, Spine Cracking and Page Flipping

9:04 - 17:40 Tweezer Sounds, Tongue Clicking and Close-up Whispers

17:41 - 20:37 Hand Sounds, Book Tapping and Whispering

20:38 - 24:59 Metal Tapping, Brushing the Microphone (large brush)

25:00 - 28:45 Brushing the Microphone (small brush), Swip Swip

28:46 - 30:28 - Book Tapping, Whispers

30:29 - 34:29 Patterned Wooden Box Tapping

34:30 - 36:49 Large Wooden Pot Tapping

36:50 - 41:40 Plastic Cleanser Tapping and Scratching

41:41 - 43:47 Book Tapping, Whispered Apology, Hand Sounds

43:48 - 48:15 “Elvish Chanting”/Unintelligible Whispers with Hand Sounds

48:16 - 58:30 Tongue Clicking, Jewellery Sounds and Ear to Ear Whispering

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