ASMR Sound Slice: Binaural Ear Massage With Ear to Ear Whispering & Soft Speaking for Relaxation

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Hello everyone! Care to to let me paw your ears? This is a spur of the moment Sound Slice ASMR video. I am under the weather, and had to push back filming my Top Triggers of 2013 video till I can sit up for extended periods of time without feeling sick. I hope this will be able to hold you over until then. I might do this one over one day, as I feel I could do it better when my health bar is full. I filmed this on my couch under covers when I couldn't fall asleep. I hoped that making a video to relax you would also relax my body enough to get some rest. I hope this works for you. Happy Viewing..errrr...Happy Listening!

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