Thrifty Tingles: Candle by the Hour and Chinese Abacus - ASMR - Soft Spoken, Tapping, Bead Sounds

Published 7 years ago

A big thank you to my wonderful subscribers/patrons: Bernie, Ives, Gary and Margo for their helpful suggestions for this video! Thank you guys SO much!

Hiya, fellow Tingleheads! I have decided, at your requests, NOT to take away the Thrifty Thursday video format! So many of you expressed how much you enjoy that series, so I listened. So instead of the Thrifty Role Play video series I intended, I'll alternate between regular role plays and what I am now calling Thrifty Tingles, and this is the very first one of 2014! Hope you enjoy, and thank you all for your awesome feedback!!

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Common triggers included: scratching, tapping, slow hand movements, soft speaking, whispering

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