[ASMR] Massage & Cupping therapy to Ease Upper Back pain- [53 mins long!]

Shiatsu Shane - ASMR Massage
Published 5 years ago

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Cupping Massage session done on my client in order to help ease back pain caused from a car crash.
join me in this session as we aim to reduce her pain and free up her with this massage & cupping session.
we start off working the neck as I find it's very important to connect with neck to help the nervous system relax. we do this by using techniques to lengthen her neck muscles and relax the attachments going into the base of her skull.
you then see me doing some M.E.T stretches to help further lengthen her neck but this also effects all the muscles going down her spine.
I then do some work into her chest as in order to ease pain in the back we must also loosen up the front... this is then followed by a lovely stretch that not only helps to loosen the t-spine but can also release the lower back further releasing stress and tension.
once we turn over before applying oil and massaging or doing cupping you will see me doing some do-in this tapping technique is great to get the blood and chi flowing.
I then begin to apply oil to massage her and help soften her muscles in fact the cupping therapy doesn't begin until around the 30th minute.
during the massage as I work using oil you can see me massaging all the muscles of the upper back paying particular attention to massaging the shoulders.
once the cups are placed you will notice that I watch to see which areas darken the most as this is believed in Chinese medicine that these areas contain stagnant chi or energy. these area will the be either cupped more or massaged more to help release this... helping to reduce her tension and pain.
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Disclaimer: *** This video is created for entertainment purposes only and cannot replace any medication, professional treatment or therapy. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician first.

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