ASMR 3Dio Trigger Roulette (Mouth sounds, latex gloves, tapping etc)

Creative Calm ASMR
Published 2 years ago

👉SPIN THAT WHEEL! It's time for Trigger Roulette with me your host Creative Calm ASMR. Also - check out my ASMR DARLING COLLAB:

Tonight we have options of mouth sounds, latex gloves, tapping, whispered rambles, chewing gum, face brushing, hair brushing, scratching, floam, slime, or the spray bottle.

(Sorry for late upload time, internet has been super slow, also sorry for your eyes for my bloated spotty sweaty sun face LOL)

😴Tonight I’ll be falling asleep to MY ASMR DARLING COLLAB (with tons of other amazing artists, ly Taylor!):

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