Back to School ASMR | Lo-Fi Whispered Physical Exam RP

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Published 1 year ago

Good evening, my loves! Ya girl has tonsillitis and laryngitis, but I have enough voice to whisper! A viewer suggested doing a physical as a back to school RP, so I filmed this in the view of maybe a middle schooler patient or a younger kid, so it's a lot more gentle with less medical terminology. The lighting was also terrible so I'm calling this a “lo-fi” video as it is not as high production as I have made some of my vids. I also had to butcher the audio because my computer is stopping the audio then starting it while I am recording, just due to the age and not being able to keep up anymore. I hope you enjoy nonetheless!

The triggers in the video include whispering, personal attention, flashlight, tapping, writing, vital checks and some general examination among other things.

Alright, so BehindtheMoons has been HARRASSING me to make a Patreon (all in good fun and intentions, of course :D) and I am reluctant because I'm not as active as I would like to be. I do monetize my videos but there is the ASMRgate occurring for monetization and I can't access the money anyway due to postal complications. I'm leaning towards maybe doing one for those who wish to contribute, but I am not asking for money or expecting it. Just more of a way to help me out if you wanna, so then I can get better equipment, props, et cetera. Lemme know how ya feel :)

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