Layered ASMR for your Sleep and Relaxation Obviously

Published 3 years ago

Inaudible whispers layered over a black and white video of hand movements with no talking, I went for that creepy/eerie aesthetic lol

Hey everyone! I've been really busy with university but I found a little time this weekend to record. Thanks to my awesome Patrons I bought a new webcam so recording is going to be a lot easier :D so I was playing with the settings and I thought black and white looked pretty neat so here's my first layered video :)

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Oh btw if you were wondering, ASMR (or асмр in Russian :P) is a tingly feeling people get from sounds and visual stimuli (for example whispering, tapping or hand movements), these tingles are very relaxing :) however, even for those who don't experience ASMR the videos often still help them sleep and battle insomnia

Bye :)


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