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Hello my little Night Owl's.
Purchased Zen Garden Products from:

Anyway! I was sent this for free and the company was very nice and cooperative. If you have a little bit of cash I would recommend it as a stress relieving set to help you while you work (I have such a large collection of stress toys now haha). I really love cute miniatures as I used to have a dolls house when I was young so this reminds me of those times. Like I said in the video I haven't been paid to say that I liked this product as I wouldn't be able to do a review like that as I would find it morally inappropriate. However, I hope that you can enjoy this video and find it somewhat relaxing (even though there are kids yelling half way through haha).

After looking it up I found the true significance of Zen gardens fascinating. 枯山水 meaning Japanese rock garden offer an idealistic design for the user to create their own form of meditation. The raking of the gravel symbolises the ripples in water to create an aesthetic known as 砂紋 (samon) or 箒目 (hōkime). The raking increases concentration to form perfect lines however these are not static, showing that life itself is not permanent. The rocks symbolising mountains and earth features.

Either way, I hope that you found these sounds interesting and that it helps you find peace.
Thank you and Good night!
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What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It is a very technical term for a very simple feeling. Most people experience ASMR when they are a child from Chinese whispers (as we called them), a teacher showing you something in class to a trip to a spa or hairdressers. There are thousands; maybe even millions of different triggers out there tailored with different types of Visual, Auditory and Chemical stimuli.

It is often described as a tingling sensation from your head that tends to travel all through your body (if you're lucky enough)! Although very little scientific research has gone into the study of ASMR, thousands of people have admitted that it helps them in reducing stress/ anxiety levels, insomnia and their general mood outlet.

I believe this is because of the types of hormones that are being released by the brain as an innate survival technique from stressful situations. Sort of like the opposite to a 'fight or flight' response. However I am not a scientist by any standards! ASMR cannot replace any serious condition and for this I would visit your local medical practitioner. Yet it still never fails in helping thousands of people everyday. And that is why I love it.


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I absolutely love creating new content and being a part of the ASMR community. It took a long time to finally decide to launch a Patreon account as I thought that I could produce content with the money I have now. However there is an assortment of new equipment and props that I would love to use that I simply can't afford as a student.
The donations are given per video and a cap can be placed on the month just in case I create a large amount of content all at once. I love any form of support whether it's from a comment, a view, a subscription or even monetarily. Another reason why I was wary of launching a Patreon was the possible negative response I could receive. Just understand that I haven't changed as a person just because I am placing this link here. I am simply putting this here for the people who have shown interest in giving donations. Thank you for everything.


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The videos featured belong to Pandora ASMR. Created for entertainment purposes. These cannot be used as a supplement to replace medication so please visit your local medical practitioner for this.


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