ASMR Overwatch pt. II

Catplant ASMR
Published 3 years ago

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Enjoy this part. 2 ASMR Overwatch (very much requested~!)

I did my placements recently and placed into gold, played a little more and now i'm back in the 2500's yay for plat lel. I hope to play more this season so I can climb up to diamond. I heard about Ana's changes so i'm a little scared but hopefully it doesn't change my overall gameplay much!

Sidenote: the I reason I played Ana again is because i'm just most comfortable with her and the team always seems to need a healer so ...there I go again


Hello, hope you are all very well.

psps. i made another video because i lost the audio files to my other one. anyway, hope you enjoy! xoxo

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