✨Little things – Relaxing video about little things, precious moments & life

Pyrit ASMR Gamer
Published 4 years ago

Hello my guys, and welcome to another video.
Today it’s way different. It’s not game related (so I am sorry about that..) but you know..games are not my only passion and I really wanted to make something different. Something more personal. And that’s pretty much how „Little Things“ were born. It’s a short video composed of little moments and things that I love and enjoy with calm voiceover spoken in really relaxing quiet voice.
It’s also not necessarily ASMR, it’s still quite relaxing in my oppinion, but I doubt that anyone is going to get tingles from this.

So anyway let me know in a comments below what do you think about this video, if you would like to see more stuff like that, or if you hated it… I appreciate any feedback.
This is my way of thanking you one more time for 1000 subscribers. I never thought that I will ever get so many amazing fans! I still can’t believe it…
So thank you one more time.
Sit back, relax and enjoy.
You deserve it.
And mever forget that event he smallest of things can can make a huge difference.
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I have ONE PATRON at this very moment and I am so thankful...I can't even express my happiness. But it's crystal clear that I would use more help. In this hectic world, everything costs money - quiet environment, equipment, editing programs.. :)
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