ASMR You're the Skeleton! Personal attention and Photoshoot role play [Binaural]

Pandora ASMR
Published 4 years ago

Hello, my little Night Owls,
Hope that you're all doing well in this new year! For part of my degree last year I was required to record five skeletons and write a report detailing the preservation, age, sex, pathologies, height and dental health of late medieval remains. This video is based off some of my work that I took part in. The only work that I never participated in was taking a scientific sample and sending it in for analysis.
In my opinion, the skeletal material is incredibly important when studying the past. It gives us a glimpse into the diet, health and lifestyle of a population and society, which can, in turn, teach us more about our own!
I hope that you enjoy this little video and that you all have a wonderful nights sleep.
Thank you and Goodnight!
Pandora ASMR

{o,o}-(2 Spooky 4 me!)


- Photoshoot
- Personal attention
- Crinkly bubblewrap
- Ear cleaning sounds


What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It is a very technical term for a very simple feeling. Most people experience ASMR when they are a child from Chinese whispers (as we called them), a teacher showing you something in class to a trip to a spa or hairdressers. There are thousands; maybe even millions of different triggers out there tailored to different types of Visual, Auditory and Chemical stimuli.

It is often described as a tingling sensation from your head that tends to travel all through your body (if you're lucky enough)! Although very little scientific research has gone into the study of ASMR, thousands of people have admitted that it helps them in reducing stress/ anxiety levels, insomnia and their general mood outlet.

I believe this is because of the types of hormones that are being released by the brain as an innate survival technique from stressful situations. Sort of like the opposite of a 'fight or flight' response. However, I am not a scientist by any standards! ASMR cannot replace any serious condition and for this, I would visit your local medical practitioner. Yet it still never fails in helping thousands of people every day. And that is why I love it.


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** Disclaimer **
The videos featured belong to Pandora ASMR. Created for entertainment purposes. These cannot be used as a supplement to replace medication so please visit your local medical practitioner for this.


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