ASMR Girlfriend Roleplay~Playing Pool With You I Win Kisses & Cuddles On The Couch (Leather Sounds)

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Published 4 years ago

Want to play a game of pool with me baby? What do I get if I win? I want kisses and cuddles on the couch so if that is okay with you… let’s play!

Okay guys lol... so, I love to play pool, and I just kind of thought that this would be fun! Playing with some new sounds I have the opportunity for here, including faux leather couch sounds. I hope you enjoy the game … no matter who wins, we get to snuggle up on our faux leather couch for lots of kisses and cuddling!

So, some new sounds here for you; please let me know what you think! If you don't like something, I'll be happy to 86 those sounds and try something else. So please, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below the video, or my feedback survey!!

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ASMR Girlfriend Roleplay ~ Playing Pool With You I Win Kisses & Cuddles On The Couch (Faux Leather Sounds)

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