Eating YOUR Banana ASMR Part 2

Published 5 years ago

and it was all just a meme....

fresh new content coming straight from my almost corrupted SD card later today. maybe keeping ASMR theme, and forever shitting out fresh memes. MLG XDXDXDXD

no but seriously, what would you guys like from this channel?

PAYPAL; [email protected] Give me money $$$ so I can buy new anal beads, because mine broke :(

ALSO, seriously does anyone know how I can monetize again? h3h3 help a brotha out? BTW on my account it says MY ENTIRE ACCOUNT is ineligible for monetization. No community strikes though.

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Equipment I use: Canon 70D (various lenses) Zoom H1 (high quality professional mic) Adobe Premiere Pro (editing)


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