ASMR Eye Examination Role Play for Relaxation

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Hello everyone! This ASMR video features pointer action (haha), direction following, clicking, up close personal attention, light and finger following, soft speaking, whispering, blood pressure cuff sounds, high heel walking sounds (I tried to wear slightly louder shoes so I could cater to that trigger), writing and paper sounds, and of course rubber/latex glove sounds. This is my second eye exam---I filmed the first one back in December, but I wanted to do it over with the better microphones (link to the original: I filmed this when my house was 8 million degrees (I turned off the fans and air conditioning to prevent unwanted background noise)---so I do get a little schweddy (schweddy balls, anyone? :P) from time to time, and was rather uncomfortable in the Halloween costume (I am not a real doctor, and should not be consulted or viewed as one) doctor's coat---but I did it for the sake of your tingles---so I hope it works. OH people have been saying the audio is out of sync in the beginning---I checked the original file on my computer and the audio is synced fine in my original file---it must have been a youtube processing error?---but it appears to right itself after the first five minutes. ugh. Sorry about that. Happy Viewing!

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A couple of asmrtists have put out eye exams recently, so I thought I would link you to them, should you need a second opinion on your peepers :P.
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