Delicious Crackly Binaural Icy Chill ASMR with ear blowing (for ALS)

Published 9 years ago

Hey my dears, this is Hailey WhisperingRose with an ASMR inducing Ice and water binaural session, with ear blowing, ear to ear soft speech, and awesome crackly ice sounds!
To skip to the actual challenge: 19:11
For more info or to make a donation to ALS:
This ( is why I did this challenge... I can't stand the thought of anyone living inside a body they can't use. Someone in my family I loved very very much died after spending her whole life in a frozen body. If people were doing this to benefit the likes of her... well, anyway, thanks for indulging me. I hope you find the video relaxing and fun, as it was intended to be.
*I decided I also wanted to make an impact on my own so I made a little donation myself. The water is tub water, so i didn't waste any drinking water. I also used ice from the ice maker at my house. Thank you for watching! Share to spread the smiles and tingles.*
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