ASMR Tingle Clinic #2 - What Makes You Tingle: Slow Or Fast Triggers?

Published 4 years ago

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The much requested tingle clinic sequel is finally here. In this one I help you figure out if you respond better to slow or fast triggers. Time stamps are below. Enjoy! :)
4:11 tapping
7:01 scratching
9:44 crinkles
12:58 lid sounds
16:03 whispering, trigger words, inaudible
19:09 hand movements
22:13 keyboard typing
24:03 paper sounds
27:34 page turning
31:05 mic/head touching & ear massaging
34:33 rubber glove sounds
38:06 water shaking & spraying
41:27 follow the light
44:21 writing on paper (pen & pencil)

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