ASMR Tapping & Sticky Fingers on the Doughnut Clutch and Early Nursery Tour | Baby Whisperer

Brittany ASMR
Published 4 years ago

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I'm not wearing any makeup in this video so forgive my tired/sickly looks! I look like this normally and it is not alarming (to me).
Hey, everyone! I have for you a doughnut clutch AND a macaron clutch video, as well as a nursery tour and a look at a product I was sent for the nursery (and baby!). I hope you enjoy this little video if you are watching. The nursery tour was difficult to do with the lens I am using, which is way zoomed in. I will look through storage to find my normal lens for the next, better update. I will see you in the next video very soon! *If you check out my Instagram within the next day, you'll be able to hear the sounds from the baby whisperer that I showed in this video.


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