ASMR | Holistic Healing Centre (Part 2) Reiki and Energy Cleansing

The White Rabbit ASMR
Published 2 years ago

Hello my little cheshire cats!! 🌻
Today's video is brought to you by a fellow Wonderlander that commissioned this custom video! I had completely forgotten about this roleplay from last year - and I'm so glad that he asked for a sequel to it!! It was so much fun to do! I added bits and pieces from my own personal fav unintentional ASMR videos :
(Literally any one of Baba's videos) example:

Here is a link to my original (old version) of this video:

Thank you ever so much to you (you know who you are!) for requesting this custom video!!! And THANK YOU to all who have been commissioning custom and personalised videos from me!!! I am so incredibly grateful to you all!
I will be continuing to offer personalised videos until the end of the summer. If you are interested in one, please shoot me an email at "the[email protected]" - and thank you for your consideration, in advance!

Happy drifting!


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