ASMR Domo Arigato Role Play Roboto: Binaural (3D) and Stereo (Panning) for Relaxation

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 9 years ago

Hello everyone! This ASMR video features typing sounds, clock ticking, tapping, scratching, plastic, cutting, scraping, buttons, and many other sounds that you may recognize. I logged more hours into the construction of this video, than any of my others by far (even though it isn't my longest)---I really appreciate how patient you all have been with me, in getting this out. I thought of this a few weeks back, and got super excited to do it, because I could pay tribute to all my favorite robotic characters. There are a ton of Easter Eggs spread throughout this video (for those who like to look for them). Please excuse any audio lags/out of sync moments. This was my first time using 5 layers of sound in editing, so I really hope it works for you. Thanks so much for all your support, it means a lot to me. Happy Viewing!

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After months of people asking, I made a paypal account. I love making these videos, so regardless of donations, I will still be doing what I love---that said, any donations are greatly appreciated.

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