ASMR Stereo Panning Sounds with Amber Necklace

Published 6 years ago

ASMR Stereo Panning Sounds with Amber Necklace. I start fast shaking sounds, at 6:00 i slow the movements down. Please let me know the part you like the most.

The amber neck lace was used in a older video and some people requested i use it again, let me know if you would like to see me use it in a different style and i will make another video that is more suitable.

The amber neck lace is designed for babies when they are teething, it is not to chew on but the amber leaches into the skin and works like a natural pain reliever. I have to admit it works for my baby.
But please only use it while they are awake, please remove when baby sleeps. I would wrap it around his ankle with a sleep sack or sock to keep it on him while he sleeps.

Video - Recorded with Panasonic HMC-152EN (Pal Version of AG-HMC-150) in 1080p 25fps. Changes = slight color correction, and i used neat video plug in for noise removal.

Audio - Recorded in stereo with 2 x Rode NT5 Match Pair of Condenser Microphone's.
There has been slight EQ, limiter and hiss reduction to audio. No modification to stereo panning. The stereo effect is, as is recorded live and has not been modified.


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