Prim ASMR Latex Glove Finger Flutters

Published 1 year ago

Hiya there Everybuddy!! ♥
I was originally going to remake this video, considering the slight background noise at the beginning..but I felt some of you may enjoy this.
This will also help me for future references, by hearing what you all think of the sound itself.
So that being said,
For a few months now I have been getting so many requests for finger fluttering and also latex glove sounds. I decided to put these two requested triggers together; so I could kind of experiment with it for the first time. Finger fluttering wasn't one of my known triggers, I just found it was a nice touch to add in some of my video intros and endings...While editing I learned I do have a flutter trigger. (I almost fell asleep 3 times) Now,.. I personally like softer and gentle flutters, so I will do my best to create work that will provide something for everyone. This is for those of you who like the more intense sounds. ♥
I really look forward to hearing what you all think about this.
Remember, this is kind of an experimental video for me, so I hope you enjoy what I came up with so far!

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I hope you all have a wonderful evening and a relaxing night of sleep! ♥
Until next time!


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