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Holistic Mystic Ysania - ASMR
Published 7 months ago

May you enjoy and receive all of the healing energy imbedded in this ASMR Reiki session with Singing bowls, Rattle shaker and Light language.

It is such an honor to do these healing sessions for you & the collective. I absolutely love UNITY healing, but nothing beats connecting and focusing on ONE unique person, giving you personalized reiki and downloads, witnessing & delivering your unique divine visual messages... it is my absolute favorite thing to do. I AM here to serve you. 🙏🏼🦁🐉


Reiki sessions can be experienced remotely via video chat or phone.

Distance is no issue, EVER! 🌎🌏🌍🌝 🌙

Namaste, I love you all. 🥰

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50% of your purchase proudly goes directly to the artisans, healers and tribes who make your Amazonian spiritual tools.

By purchasing you are supporting the movement for Amazonian growth and indigenous culture. Thank you 🪶


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