[ASMR] Teacher Roleplay (Multilingual Whisper)

Published 4 years ago

Spanish, German, Japanese, English! Together, they form....one decently long roleplay! (and I finally used my green screen, and layered whispering!)

Rekutsko to the rescue with the timestamps!
00:00 - Spanish Lesson (Animals)
18:33 - German Lesson (Nouns)
32:00 - Japanese Lesson (Directional words)
39:26 - Bonus English Vocab (Five new words you might not have known!)

I hope you enjoy this whisper video, which is a custom from my Patron, Tyler! I was so happy to do this request, I've wanted to do a teacher RP for a long time and it was quite fun. Now sit back, relax, and learn some easy vocab in four different languages!

The last ASMR video to put me to sleep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJSn81dRpv8&t=808s

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