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Published 2 months ago

This ASMR video is about the rise and fall of music legend Whitney Houston.


*Disclaimer: This video is about a true crime case and is presented in ASMR style (whispered). It is not intended for children under the age 14 and due to the nature of true crime, viewer discretion is advised. The ASMR style of this video is intended to be a more gentle way of delivering the story and I mean no disrespect to any of the victims or their families. *

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*I do very thorough research on every single case before I record a video. Due to the nature of these videos, I rely heavily on news media, journalists, and the statements made by those involved and close to the case. I try my hardest to make sure all of the information in my videos is correct, however if you know information to be false, please share it in the comments. I have no intention of sharing false information.*


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