[ASMR?] I tried to (secretly) do asmr in an airport and a plane but it didn’t work out too well

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Published 5 years ago

Turn on captions for translations and commentary :)

Turns out it can be quite hard to film asmr if you don’t want to be noticed... especially in an airport :D

This video contains tapping, scratching, crinkling, talking (not whispered but kinda muffled), some other random sounds and a looot of background noises obviously (I mean it’s an airport, what did you expect).

It was originally supposed to be only tapping but I ended up adding all kind of clips and sounds because I think it’s kind of fun. If you watch this for asmr and it works for you that’s great! But I understand that’s it’s not for everyone ^^‘ Might be more of a fail/entertainment video for some people xD I personally really like tapping and unintentional asmr videos so this would be perfect for me... can’t watch my own videos tho :(

It was definitely a lot of fun recording this and adding subtitles (kept me from getting bored while traveling).


asmr fast tapping scratching background noises natural unintentional murmur murmuring airport out and about outside on the go

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