Ram Papam Papam ASMR

PierreG ASMR
Published 4 years ago

ASMR Ram Papam Papam. A lot of you have enjoyed my Click Cluck for for your Sleep Tight video so I gave it another try. This time, we'll use words as "Ram papam papam", as well as a few other words whispered, like Pink Potatoe or Oscar's Carrots Car, and some triggers to make you tingle, relax and fall asleep.

This video is as simple as the click cluck video, even though I haven't made up words this time. Well, I've used Click Cluck again here there though! I hope that you enjoy the simple story of Oscar, who likes carrots and carry them in his car.

Triggers used are rather random. This time, objects have inspired the story. I find it interesting to create a story, even really simple, based on objects I took randomly on the table or in the house.

Good night, good night.

Thanks for watching!

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Good night!

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