ASMR | ♡ Surgical Mask Kiss Sounds & Mic Brushing ♡

Published 4 years ago

Hi everyone, I want to thank you all for being so supportive of me and my channel, it means so much to me and I absolutely love making ASMR videos. Thank you for subscribing, commenting, and liking my videos it makes me want to make more and more!


I love taking requests and doing triggers that you love, but listen, I am p o o r . haha! If I could afford everything that is requested, I would do it in a heart beat ♡ If you want to help contribute to my channel and help me make better videos for you, my Venmo is @iambatlady. Everything contributed is appreciated ♡ If you want a 100% guarantee for a video suggestion then my current price I'd do is $5 (and maybe some costs for supplies). Once you Venmo me $5 I'll give you my email and we can chat there. Thank you!!



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