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Published 2 years ago

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''Autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR, is a tingling sensation in your head and neck after triggers like repetitive movements or whispering. Most people describe the tingling as very relaxing, even pleasurable.
Scientist have only recently started studying ASMR, and there’s a lot they don't know about it. Experts are looking at whether ASMR might be a tool to help people with things like depression, anxiety, and insomnia. But from some feedbacks it seems it helps. It depends also on the subject.
People who write about the sensation of ASMR sometimes call it a “brain 0rgasm.”
The tingling it causes isn't the same as that shivery feeling (also known as “chills”) you get from an emotional experience like a hearing a beautiful piece of music.
Experts say the difference between the two is where you have it.
“Chills” tend to happen all over, and at once. The tingling of ASMR starts in the head and neck, and it can sometimes move to your arms and legs. It may also happen in waves or pulses...[..]''

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