Colonist - Ep. 3 "Hybrid" - ASMR Alien / Lovecraft / SCP Foundation Crossover Fan-fic

Ephemeral Rift
Published 9 years ago

Episode 3 of Colonist takes you back to the home of our mysterious character where we learn a little more about you and your mission.

Colonist is a crossover fan-fiction series that tells the story of a unique individual (you, the viewer) who is on a special journey that will eventually place them as one of the founding colonists of Hadley's Hope on LV-426 and your inevitable host to an alien embryo, though the series will not end in your death. The series will contain various ASMR performances such as an interview, surgery, healing session and more.

Colonist is loosely based upon various fictional works including H. P. Lovecraft, the SCP Foundation and of course primarily Ridley Scott's Bladerunner and Alien films, to which this series pays special homage and tribute to both the franchises and their fans, as well as H.R. Giger's amazing works of art.

In this particular episode I have no problem admitting that the story may not be that strong, and that's for a few reasons. The series itself is a slow burn and is in no hurry to reach its goal. This particular episode plays upon the ASMR aspect of rambling and is also a bit of a lull between episode 2 and where the story is headed next. Lastly, I don't script anything, ever. I prefer being a performer rather than a writer, which isn't my strong suit. I prefer the spontaneity, freedom and Happy Accidents that improv affords. However, I can tell you that while nothing is scripted, I am moving towards the goal of this series: for you to become host to an alien embryo. Pretty cool, huh. ;)

The idea where it all started:

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Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy, especially if you're an Alien / Scott fan like I am.
- E. R.

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