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BubblegumKitty Cosplay ASMR
Published 5 years ago

HEllo! I am back after 2 weeks D: Sorry about that, uni started out with a project and i barely ate etc. I really put my time into it. But now that normal classes started i have some more time (and friday ass a day off! so nice!) I hope you enjoy today's video :)
In the video: gum chewing, mouth sounds, some whispering and ofc Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill ^.^

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Bubblegum Kitty Cosplay ASMR is an ASMR channel owned by a
Cosplayer who wants to relax people as their favourite anime or game characters. ASMR helps with sleep problems, anxiety, stress or boredom :P Cosplay is costume play, both combined is my channel ^.^


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