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Published 3 years ago

🦄 Klick hier für Deine Lieblings – Haarfarbe von Julien:

pinker Osterhase vorher 1:08 – nachher 3:25
blau/türkis vorher 4:02 – nachher 7:16
rot vorher 7:30 – nachher 10:33
blau 🐳 oder rot 🦀? 10:53
schwarz/ weiß vorher 11:20 - nachher 12:59
mit Bart 14:03
hell grün vorher 14:29 – nachher 15:01
dunkel grün 16:14
Fanta gelb vorher 16:23 – nachher 17:58
gelb/ orange 18:48
alle Hairstyles 18:51

🦄 Relax your inner child. ASMR for Princesses and Peter Pans. I want to help you to relax and get the dreams you wish to have :)
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ASMR is a relaxing experience using various visual and auditory stimulations. I experienced ASMR first when I was a child, but I didn´t know the word for it ;). Now I want to make videos to get YOU the feeling I like myself. I am making relaxation videos in english and german.

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