ASMR ~ Little Rose first attempt at ASMR video

Published 2 years ago

Hey Rosebuds!! Welcome to baby rose’s first video.
I made this video so long ago, like it would have been my first or second role-play but decided to not post it because I lost the audio. I was literally so DEVASTATED that i lost the audio, that i literally CRIED to my boyfriend haha i thought this video was so good, i didn’t mess up or anything and really liked how it looked, but because i lost the audio, i never used it.
but I was looking around in old files the other day, found it, and you know what, i want to post it anyways, i am still sorry about the bad camera quality audio, but i hope you enjoy it. :)

it cuts off in the middle of doing ur makeup at the end, i don’t know if my camera just died or if there was a second part, couldn’t find anything, sorry D: but hope u still like it!! aaaaaaaa

I love you Rosebuds :D
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