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This channel is something that will hopefully make you feel relaxed and healed. I want to send light out to the world and remind us of all those beautiful moments when we are truly here in the moment.
I am so thankful for life, had my best friendTony Bomboni in my life, that is also doing ASMR , He was and is still a light and an inspiring beautiful soul. We also owned an epic online shop together with handmade unique jewelry made by us but now run by me.
I am also a cerified Reiki Healing Master and a creative soul. I allways give out a positive energy to the world arround me.

Please make sure to follow me in Instagram JennyUG2016 , Hope to see you there too , much love and light Jenny

Allways listen to your gutfeeling.
Dare to Say what you really feel and mean, be yourself.
Keep the ones that cares about and truly knows you close and never let go.


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