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こんにちは!2018年夏からYouTubeでASMR動画を投稿しているASMR BlueKatieです☺ けいちゃんって呼んでね! オランダと日本のミックスで現在オランダに住んでいる18歳です。一応日本生まれですが9歳までしか住んでないので時々日本語が怪しいです汗 なんかもう自分が何人なのか時々よくわからなくなります...

hi there! my name is katie and i'm a 18 years old japanese/dutch girl living in the netherlands :D i started posting asmr videos on youtube since summer of 2018 and i love it very much 💕 it makes me happy that i can help people with anxiety, insomnia and other sad feelings because i struggle with those things too. im in no way close to becoming as good as all these amazing asmrtists i look up to, but i hope i can make you feel at ease with my videos! :) My fans are called Blue Kitties, please join us with our journey :3

❗I do not make custom videos, Thank you for understanding :)


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