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Published 8 months ago

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*How Old Are You? Where are you From?*
- I am 21 years old! I currently live in FL, but I will be moving every few years since my husband is in the military. I'm thankful to be able to do ASMR everywhere I go!

*Is This Your Full-Time Job?*
- Yes! Some people find that hard to believe, but I am just extremely grateful to be in a position that this can be my job! It wouldn't be possible without YOU! Those who watch my videos and ESPECIALLY support me on Patreon are the reason I am blessed enough to do this for work.

*How Often Do You Post Videos? Are You On Other Social Media?*
- I post 2-3 videos on YouTube each week, and I am also on Instagram, and Twitter daily! A link to those socials is here:

*Do You Do Custom ASMR Videos?*
- I currently offer no CUSTOM videos, but I DO offer EXCLUSIVE Videos on Patreon for $10/mo. That Includes 4 videos that are not posted here on YouTube! Though it isnt entirely "Custom", I create the 4 monthly videos directly from the suggestions left from people subscribed to the tier! So if you are looking for me to do certain triggers you like, Join the $10 Tier on Patreon and send me a message there letting me know what trigger(s) you would like to see! The link to my patreon is here:
*If You Have Any Other Questions, Please Feel Free to Send Me an E-Mail: [email protected]


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