The Cat Lady: A Binaural ASMR Science Documentary Role Play for Relaxation

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 7 years ago

Hello everyone! This ASMR video features: three soft spoken voices, tapping, hair brushing, purring, typing, omnomnom you're a pizza sounds, sticky sounds, tape sounds, and more. I wanted to create the feel of a PBS or BBC or NatGeo program so that the triggers could feel unintentional. This video is the result of a week of work, 4 hours of footage, and 9+ hours editing. Please let me know if you like this---if so, I will make more ASMR Mockumentaries. Happy Viewing!

HUGE thank you to kiwiwhispers for composing and performing the music for the intro (He is a truly amazing on the piano) and contributing some beautiful nature shots of New Zealand. Please check out his ASMR channel:

Thanks also go to DelucaASMR for the tips on photoshop. Please check out his channel:

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Microphone I use: Free Space Pro - Binaural Microphone

Images provided under a creative commons license found here:
"Only 18 More Shopping Days Till Christmas" by Jackie (cat was added)
"Tea" by David Mertl (cat was added)
"Sonia" by katieblench (Just the top hat was used)
"phone" by Eddi (used in a cat picture)


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