ASMR Relaxing Towel Folding ~ Soft Spoken, Fabric Sounds, Scissors Cutting, Calm, Gentle ~

Published 4 years ago

ASMR Relaxing Soft Spoken Towel Folding using the 3Dio microphone with a lot of towel fabric sounds and scissor cutting.

Hi guys! I was inspired by the sounds in my previous video:
Near the end of that ASMR video I use a towel to dry your hair off! I liked this sounds, so decided to make this video dedicated to it. :) - ASMR Soft Spoken - ASMR Fabric Sounds - ASMR 3Dio

~~🍂 Time Stamps 🍂~~
0:00-20:27 Going through towels, cutting off frayed edges with scissors
20:28-End Folding and stacking towels

~~🍂 Equipment Used 🍂~~ - sinful colors nail polish "unicorn" - canon 6d camera - canon 35mm lens - zoom h6 recorder - 3dio free space binaural microphone

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