ASMR Sleep Clinic

Juliet Says ASMR
Published 4 years ago

Welcome to the ASMR Sleep Clinic where I'll be testing various triggers to see what relaxes you the most. Sleep well :)

Trigger Timestamps -
0:00 - 1:42 Introduction (whispering) and pencil sounds
1:47 - 2:55 Spray bottle sounds
4:05 - 6:45 Face brushing
6:46 - 10:22 Hair brushing and combing
10:30 - 11:16 Tapping on leather
11:19 - 11:32 Tapping on plastic
11:37 - 12:00 Tapping on metal (metallic sounds)
12:43 - 14:10 Hand movements (visual trigger)
14:40 - 16:26 Ear brushing (microphone brushing)
16:39 - 18:08 Whispering and pencil sounds


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