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Pyrit ASMR Gamer
Published 3 years ago

Hello my lovely nerds, and welcome to my Month of Horror.
Fall is here with its beautifully colored leafs, colder weather and also with everything spooky.
And I’m crazy in love with it.
Decorations and pumpkin pies, creepy stories and horror games, spooky movies and black cats … you’ll find all that good stuff in this video.

It’s filled with tapping and scratching, also with soft talking and many interesting facts :)
And the only thing you really need to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy this Halloween themed parade.

~🎃🍭👻💀🕸🕯 ASMR Month of Horror Series: 🕯🕸💀👻🍭🎃~
Let’s celebrate this amazing season together!
I love almost anything festive. That may also be the reason why I love the colder months of the year much more than summer and spring - because there’s always something to celebrate, something special, with decorations and all that good stuff.
So, it’s no wonder that I especially enjoy Halloween. It’s such an interesting tradition with amazing behind story… And aside of that I absolutely love Horror Movies, Creepy Stories and recently, I also fell in love with Scary video games.
Therefore I decided to make this month special. To share my thoughts about all those amazing creepy things, to just hang out and have a nice conversation with you, to spread my love for this very interesting tradition and to have a great time.
I completely understand that someone may find Halloween too commercial, especially these days when the original tradition modified so much and also thanks to its massive spread on other cultures. However, the only really important thing is, that it’s making me happy and that I enjoy it.
And you are warmly invited to enjoy this beautiful season with me.

Featured Trigger items: Amazingly smelling candles, Matches, Ghosts, Bats, Pumpkin Fairy Lights, Novel by Oskar Wilde - The Canterville Ghost, The Story about the Little Witch based on the amazing children’s book from Otfried Preußler, Resident Evil Anniversary Artbook, Silent Hill 2 (PS2), The Thing (PS2), Alien Isolation (PS4), Alan Wake Collectors Edition, Dead Space 2 Collectors Edition

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Thanks for watching!
Music from the intro:
Darren Curtis - Come Out And Play
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSYMsyJnJVo

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