Hanna ASMR
Published 1 year ago

Hi everyone , Today I am eating my favourite fruit. I hope you guys enjoy my video.
Thank you guys for watching my videos and see you in my next videos.

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Here you will find satisfying sounds that will relax you.I hope you guys enjoyed this video.Thank you so much for watching my video;)It means a lot to me!

What is ASMR mean:
ASMR(Autonomous sensory meridian response )is an experience characterised by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down back of the neck and upper spine.Everyone has a different ASMR triggers and I hope you can find one that can really help you relax;)

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Recording equipment:

Camera: Canon eos77D

Microphone: Zoom-H5

Lip: from nyx



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