An Important Clarification I Need to Discuss With You (May Not Be Relaxing)

Published 8 years ago

A brief clarification about my premium channel after the uproar of extremely negative and hurtful reactions I have received. My intention has only ever been to bring you joy and it breaks my heart to hear the perceptions I've heard. I would like to rectify any misconceptions, and let you know I'm not going anywhere as far as this channel is concerned, and my only goal is to bring as much to as many people as I can.

ALSO: I apologize, this is a new and still somewhat experimental feature for YouTube, they have not made it available in every country yet. I have made it available everywhere I can, and in the meantime I am keeping an eye out for it's availability in new countries.

Premium Channel link, if you'd like it:

Check out my new website!

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