ASMR ♥ Binaural Sound/Trigger Assortment

Published 7 years ago

Hello there :) How is everyone doing? Sit back and enjoy this (hopefully) relaxing sound assortment I made for you. These are the triggers:
Lid sounds: 0:50 - 4:32
Tape/Sticky sounds: 4:32 - 10:21
Deep crinkly sounds: 10:21 - 13:58
Rummaging through a pencil case: 13:58 - 19:56
Beaded Box (includes coin and dollar bill sounds): 19:56 - 25:51
Soft tapping on soft plastic: 25:51 - 31:03
Tapping on a book (includes turning pages sounds): 31:03 - end

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➜➜➜ Comment "The beaded box gives me life, yaaass!" if you read this and agree with it. :D

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