ASMR ♥ Binaural Sound/Trigger Assortment

Published 7 years ago

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0:54 - Pen tapping with cap/lid sounds
3:48 - Liquid/Bottle sounds
7:20 - Deep crinkly sounds
10:56 - Hair brush and brushing sounds
14:31 - Book sounds w/ page turning, tapping, sticky sounds
18:06 - Glass/Jar sounds w/ tapping and lid sounds
20:45 - Crinkly toilet paper sounds (lol, don't ask, just watch)
23:17 - Make-up sounds (includes clicking and lid sounds)
28:19 - Very deep, crinkly sounds
30:35 - Sounds of a reed basket
33:44 - Soft paper sounds and whispering

I hope you'll enjoy this trigger assortment :)

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