Monthly Contest! Giveaway! Win Asmr related prizes & personalised vid!! *subscribers only*

MinxLaura123 ASMR
Published 4 years ago

hi lovely viewers!! contest time again, sooooo sorry i was a bit late this month with this!
so you can win asmr related prizes - colouring sheets, slime, stress buster book..etc and also a personalized video of your choice!! *nothing too weird or pervy!! lol*
you have until 19 the October 2017 to enter! You MUST be a subscriber of my channel to enter!!
Good Luck all ! lots of love n hugs minxy x x x x

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email - [email protected]

my VLOG channel ---- minxlaura123's wacky world -

my DOLLS soap opera - plastic fantastic dolls

thank you for watching !!! hugs hugs hugs hugs xxx x x x x x


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