ASMR Relaxing Facial Spa Roleplay! (Various Triggers)

ASMR Vampire
Published 3 years ago


Welcome to the Vampire Facial Spa! :)

I am finally back :D and will be starting to upload 1-2 videos per week and I will progressingly increase this :) as I ease back into uploading more regularly each week 😊!

Today I will begin by cleansing your face with a facial cleansing water, facial cleansing oil, to a facial mask and moisturizing your face :D

Video includes water sounds, tapping and soft whispers!

Time Stamps:
0:00 - Introduction - includes tapping, water sounds
2:29 - Applying facial cleansing water to your face with cotton pads
5:00 - Tapping, hand rubbing sounds, applying oils to you
11:29 - Tapping on jug
12:27 - Water sounds
14:51 - Applying flannel to your face
16:47 - Cleansing lotion - tapping
18:19 - Working cleansing lotion into your skin
20:41 - Facial mask applicaion - tapping sounds
23:38 - Removing facial mask, water sounds, face touching
29:07 - 30:26 Facial moisturizer application, hand movements - end! :)

Sweet dreams,

Sleep Well! :')


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