ASMR Unboxing: Snacks from Around the Globe! Crinkles Galore, Fizzy Mouth Sounds at End [Munchpak}

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Published 5 years ago

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Hi, everyone! This video is a little unboxing for you! The box featured is called MunchPak, which hosts a variety of full-sized snacks from around the world. I actually have tried about half of them since, and I will say that they were all very delicious and interesting! I think the caramel cream cookies were my favorites in this box, and the waffle was very nice as well. The "Ding Dongs" gave me severe gastric distress, haha. I would say beware of them... seriously. Maybe I was intolerant/allergic to something in the mix. The fizzy candies that I tried at the end were definitely interesting; not my favorite flavor but I'd love it in a different flavor.

Okay, as for the actual asmr trigger sounds, this is a simple trigger unboxing, so basically only expected triggers like crinkles, soft speaking, a bit of tapping and cardboard scratching can be expected here. There are also some mouth sounds/eating sounds at the very end, but that's about it! I hope you enjoy this peek at this fun snack box. I loved it!


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